this course is currently closed.
it will re-open in the fall.

the vibration of surrender

journey through a lunar cycle (28 days) of exploring the vibration of surrender. surrendrix is an experience that invites you into the depths of your feminine, a state of restoration, healing, and allowing so that you are empowered to show up as the absolute fullest version of yourself.

this is a homecoming. home cooked nourishment for the weary mind. for all those who hope to live from the honeyriver of the heart, not as slaves to an overactive mind.

radical self love in a practical, easily digestible guide.

how this course changes you

  • access to your creative wellspring
  • tools to uncover limiting beliefs regarding guilt, shame, and self-worth mistakenly tied to productivity, “success,” and prescribed outcomes
  • exercises for authentic, heart-centered goal setting, tracking, and achieving
  • profound, transformative healing from stress-related ailments (mental, physical, spiritual)
  • better relationships as a result of having more space and being a more engaged, generous listener
  • the ability to learn to trust in the universe and therefore accelerated manifestation powers
  • participation in a revolutionary act: rest is so often shamed that by choosing rest over addiction to busy-ness you are also shifting paradigms and healing collective trauma
  • purpose and clarity
  • contact with your true self
  • all of the benefits of what it is to live in flow, from a state of allowing

who is surrendrix for?

this course is for those of all genders who can benefit from the feminine wisdom of rest and receptivity.

the queen bee doesn’t fly around forcing the universe to bend to her will. instead, she lives as the fullest expression of herself and the universe arranges itself around her.

if you have spent your life trying obsessively to learn more skills, more personal development, more daily affirmations, more ways to “work” and avoid truly resting — and therefore trusting — this is for you.

if you are addicted to busy-ness. if you are constantly at risk of slipping back into a scarcity mentality. if you need to step away from mindset and explore a heart re-set. if you desire to recalibrate, to listen deeply to your heart, and to heal your bodymind. this is lovingly and gently crafted for your highest good.

surrendrix lite

personalized evaluation
daily assignments
weekly group Q&A
guided meditation
ancient techniques
modern wisdom

surrendrix plus

everything in the base package
weekly private coaching calls
unlimited private email support
personalized strategy
and healing plan

surrendrix deluxe

everything in the plus package
an akashic channeling session
(valued at $111)
customized yin program
(valued at $300)

my story

i was…”a sick kid.” migraines, allergies, infections, tonsillitis, whatever. you name it, i had it. and as an adult i suffered from intensely severe panic attacks, crippling anxiety, disordered eating, and a veritable cornucopia of autoimmune dysfunction.

and underneath all of that was a girl, and then a woman, who did not know how to trust life. how to allow, relax, and soften. how to surrender.

eventually, that weighed heavily enough on me that my entire life — my health, my relationships, my career, all of it — completely blew up. leaving me broke, sick, and painfully alone.

it is my hope that this will never happen to you, should you be willing to avoid it.

so i curated all of the content, all of the practices, all of the wisdom, with the help of the akasha, to create this beautiful, gentle, and inspiring course.

drop your addiction to busy.
live as the fullest expression of yourself.

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