Hi, and thank you so much for being in my tiny corner of the internet. I’m Rae Dohar. 


I deal in miracles and radical transformation, specifically in the areas of food, sex, and your relationship to the  bodymind.


If that’s something that resonates with your animal heart, reach out to work with me.


Femininsatiable (Food, Sex, & Bodymind)


Hustle & Flow (The Mentorship)


Akasha & Tarot Channeled Readings


o, hello.

Nice to meet you!

My life is messy, wild, and unconventional.

I am a lifelong student of both Movement and Stillness, learning to heal, to expand consciously, and to take every opportunity to shift into new paradigms of seeing and thinking. 

I love to peel back the layers of conditioning and access the sacred alchemies of food and sex. It is my highest intention to unlearn and unravel into Wildness, Naturalness, and Being.

Where Am I Now?

Guadalajara, Mexico