hi, i’m rae.

i am a holistic sex & food alchemist. 

my work invites you to shed your shame, patterning, and pain surrounding your relationship to food, your body, and your sexuality so that you may step fully into your erotic divinity.

if that’s something that resonates with your animal heart, reach out.


ways to work with me

the deepest work i offer is my 1:1 coaching container. 

it’s four months in the fast lane of radical transformation. we look at your relationship to sexuality, to food, and to your body. with compassion and lovingkindness, we dive into the root causes of the pain, stagnation, and frustration you’re experiencing in these areas.

this work is holistic in every sense of the word. with over a decade of experience and practices ranging from meditation to somatics, functional medicine to journaling, east to west, we work together to map out your healing journey.

occasionally, if your entrepreneurial endeavor resonates with me, i do step into the role of business mentor. so if showing up as the highest expression of yourself includes a thriving and aligned business, i got you there, too.

finally, check my shop to see what group courses i’m offering and to see if i currently have openings for tarot or akashic readings.

go ahead, read some testimonials, and when you’re ready, email me to book a free call to see how i can be of service to you.

1:1 Coaching (Food, Sex, & Bodymind)


Hustle & Flow (The Mentorship)


Akasha & Tarot Channeled Readings


hi. i'm rae.

i tend to do things differently.
like, i’m real weird.

life has revealed to me over and over again that healing is non-linear, and that we have to get creative if what we want to call in is that wild, wide open expansiveness. 

i don’t care about being liked. i don’t care about the status quo. i care about healing and clearing defunct systems from our collective so that we may all safely and freely show up as the fullest expression of ourselves.

sex & food are the aperture through which i access this healing, as these are the arenas that have offered the most opportunities for healing within myself.

wanna know more?

Where Am I Now?

guadalajara, mexico