the pace of life. (find god. slow down.)

what is it to surrender to the pace of life?

the embarrassing and liberating reality that life happens without you. flowers bloom, seasons change, beings die…all without your consent or approval or even your awareness. life requires none of your participation in order to be.

and yet we rely on life to be the backdrop of our experience.

what a scary and wild and maybe even unfair precedent. but in the recognition of this truth, it is no wonder cultures the world over share stories of human-like dieties watching over them.

it is said that we are created in god’s image. but of course upon closer examination we can see that we have created god in our image. we have imbued our cultural mythologies with someone who operates within the web of human-made time. someone limited to the linear narrative of cause and effect, stymied by our own myopic tendencies. 

if you want to find god, slow down. if you want to worship god, slow down. if you want to hear god, slow down.

god exists in and as the pace of life.

may all beings know oneness. may all beings know faith. may all beings know how it is to be held in god’s arms and loved.

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