conversations with the tree.

inside the seed, inside the sapling, all of the DNA, the building blocks, the potential to be the tree — they’re all already there. and since all “time” is now, the tree, in every stage of its life, already exists.

sometimes, if we can get quiet enough, or bold enough, brave enough, fearless enough, vulnerable enough, head-out-of-our-ass-enough, the “tree” we are becoming, the highest manifestation of our consciousness, speaks to us, the sapling, where we are.

sometimes it comes through in our thoughts or meditations. sometimes through signs. sometimes it comes from those we love. though we are experiencing one another in the moment, from the aperture of our present moment consciousness, future wisdom is revealed to us.

last night, the tree asked me what i was afraid of. then called me to collect my fears one by one, line them up so that i can see them, and unflinchingly face them all.

and i am still afraid of so much. still afraid to fly. still afraid to fall. still afraid of the fiery ring of intimacy. still afraid of the velcro-tear-ripping-sound of being left.

but i have met the tree. and there is very little she’s afraid of.

may all beings be open. may all beings embrace growth. may all beings experience love and healing.

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