rituals & recipes: new moon, who dis?

it was hard to choose a photo for this post. because it’s such a challenge for most of us to find beauty in darkness. and because, without the guidance of light from above or beyond us, we are left with the terrifying and simultaneously empowering work of shining from within.

that is the essence and the wisdom of the new moon.

this month, for once i am actually menstruating on the new moon. (normally i have what’s sometimes called a red moon, which is to say i bleed on or near the full moon.) this, combined with a few other factors i’ll likely share in another post, has offered me access to insights outside of my usual experience. 

to align one’s bleeding with the full moon, it’s a push and pull. sometimes delicate, sometimes more dynamic, the relationship between the shining vibrance of the full moon and the internal nature of menstruation, there’s a lot of polarity. but this month, i can really feel an internal expression of the new moon’s encouragement to withdrawal, to reflect, and to release.

i spent today really honoring those impulses. i cleaned and reorganized my house, sent my laundry to be done, tidied up my yard, recharged all of my appliances, and i made a series of self and home care products.

in the hopes that it might be of benefit to someone else, i’m just going to share a few of things i made today.

hair spritz

this is great to aid in hair growth, scalp health, refreshing your products (for hair styled in its natural texture, though, as it’s got water in it), or as a prep for deep conditioning.

just me and this lady, with our long flowy and flowery locks…

add it to a spray bottle. shake and enjoy.

for deep conditioning, spray dry hair generously from root to ends. then section hair and apply a conditioner of your choice. add a second layer of conditioner to the ends, once the first has absorbed a little bit. finally, coat hair with a real heavy hitter (olaplex or an egg if you need protein, more coconut oil or avocado if you need more fat, etc.) and then cover your hair and wait! you can cover it fashionably with a hat. or less fashionably with a bonnet. or the least fashionably possible with clingfilm. (what. i’ve been there.)

rinse it out. if your hair runs really dry, you don’t necessarily need to shampoo it. if you do feel like it’s weighed your hair down, you can rinse your hair with a cup of apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil and water, massage that out, and then shampoo and style as usual.

face mask

this makes enough for about 4-5 applications. i have really acne prone skin that’s also dry. this works for me, but other skin types have different requirements. i’m sure you can google it.

massage it in nicely. wait as long as you like. when i rinse it off, i like to splash some warm water, but then soak a wash cloth in really hot water and then just rest it on my face. this dissolves the oil, and i can wipe it off without having to scrub.

eye cucumbers optional.


nadine artemis has great resources on holistic dental care. i highly recommend her work if you’re interested.

i store this all in an old travel sized bottle with a squeeze top. if you live in a warm climate, you need to add a lot more of the solid ingredients and less oil so it will make a paste. if you live somewhere colder, where your coconut oil goes solid, you can mix coconut oil with MCT oil, because MCT oil is liquid in all climates, and together, it will even out into a more toothpaste-like consistency.

all-purpose cleaner

how many drops you use will vary based on how large the bottle is. shake before use, but really gently, as the baking soda and vinegar thing is real. 

and if after you spray, you notice it’s bubbling, you’ve got too much castille soap in the mix! i use this for…literally everything except glass cleaner. kitchen, bathroom, i even mop the floor with it. (btw, ants hate cinnamon, so if you have an ant problem, this helps with that, too.)

i think a lot of people want to make their own products because it’s A LOT cheaper (especially for the quality) and a lot more sustainable, but they’re worried it’s too complicated or they’re not sure where to start. so if that’s you, consider using this time, this new moon, to reflect on ways you can invite more self care and sustainability into your life.

if you do feel inspired to start using eden’s garden, you can use my little referral code: http://rwrd.io/c7f5pvt 

sending you love and a hope that you will light your life up from within.

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