tulum, mexico.


I'm Rae

My life is wild, messy, and unconventional.

And it’s nice to have you here with me.


A little more about me

Originally from Ohio, by some divine providence and good luck, I have had the opportunity to work, live, and study in a number of different places around the world.

And if travel has been my wings, then yoga has unequivocally been my roots. The grounding force inviting me, over and over again, back to myself. And through my relationship to this bodymind vessel that contains me, I was led to other teachers and other healing modalities.

I am aware of how deeply blessed and privileged I am to lead such a passionate and unique life. As such, I spend all day, every day, committing to showing up as the fullest expression of myself. (This self, by the way, doesn’t straighten her hair, and she can’t wear white clothes for fear of spilling coffee down her front.)

I am, in my heart of hearts, an anarchist in the purest sense of the word. I am not here to follow, and I am not here to lead. I am not here to conform to systems. There is no hierarchy. There is only you, the work, and your journey to self-awareness and expression.

I am here to experience the essence of practices and traditions, so that I may be able to discern when and how to use these potent tools for the medicines that they are. And from that cultivated knowing, to empower you to do the same.

And in this way, we can live in the Miracle Place. This Miracle Place that requires the acknowledging, witnessing, and dissolving of all that you are not, so that you may be born into that which you are.


If you want to live a life on fire, you cannot be afraid to burn.