I'm rae.

it’s simple. i want you to know at the cellular and soulular levels all of the ways that sexuality, sensuality, touch, taste, and truly being can catalyze profound healing and lead us to states of ecstatic bliss.

i want you to wake up on fire for your life. i want you to spend your days indulging, growing, healing, and showing up to serve your own life’s purpose.

i want you to truly meet yourself. i want you to turn yourself on with how juicy, aligned, and inspired your life is and feels.

i want that for you.

my work is not fancy. no special equipment needed. i work in the here-and-now, in the universally available. i work (and play) in the boundless divinity of sexuality and eating, and that which connects them, the breath.


Working with me

honoring and supporting you on your healing journey is my life’s purpose. that and saving the world from mediocre, disconnected sex. and i really, really believe that those two things would cure 99% of what ails our species, and by extension, our planet.

so in service to that mission, i will tell you how it is (respectfully, of course). at the end of the day, it’s up to you to put in the work, but i am fully, whole-heartedly committed to supporting you. to encouraging you. and to holding space for the vision of your highest, most aligned Self to emerge.

an anarchist in every sense of the world, i am not here to follow. i am not here to lead. i am not here to conform to or prescribe systems. i am here to dismantle hierarchy and dissolve the internalized oppression that infects the people of this planet at this time. my deepest mission is radical self-empowerment.

because i’ve studied (and embodied) so many different teachings, so many different techniques, and because i am always an open channel for ppirit to chime in, working with me is a truly holistic and life-affirming experience

If you want to live a life on fire, you cannot be afraid to burn.

And if you're curious to know more

i’m pretty passionate.
and really weird.
and i’ve pretty much always been those things.

i grew up in ohio. and since there wasn’t anything else to do, i read. i read about astrology. i read about eastern philosophy. i read about far away places and ancient lineages.

and then a series of events unfolded that led me to leave ohio. and to go live those teachings.

i spent eight years living and studying in asia. and let me say, sometimes it was amazing. and sometimes, it was a shitbag. to say i’ve seen things is an understatement.

professionally, my energy was focused on yoga asana and sound healing. although both practices are still vitally important to me, i always felt as if something was “missing” for me in basing my work off of these modalities. like I was cutting off an essential part of myself.

during my third (!!!) yoga teacher training in bali, i realized that this was the part of me that really loved sex.

all of my adult life, people said they loved sex. but they didn’t mean it like i did. they didn’t light up like i did. and they certainly didn’t talk about it like i did.

sex has always been my deepest spiritual practice. 

suddenly, things slowly began to click into place. still so identified with my work and life in saigon, i realized i needed to leave asia to birth forth new work. i realized, too, that a common barrier to accessing the divinity held within sexuality was a broken and painful relationship with food and the body. this is an area to which i’ve given so much attention in my own healing journey that i found myself more than equipped with the tools to help others.

and so this new iteration of my work came forth. born of my highest highs, my lowest lows, and all of the practices i’ve learned along the way.