I'm rae.

To put it succinctly, I’m the Rebel Mentor for the New Paradigm. 

Wait, what? 

I’m here to shift paradigms of relationship, most especially through the sacred alchemies of food and sex.

I’m interested in the Beingness beneath the conditioning. The resurrection of the Divine Feminine. I deal in Radical Transformation and Miracles. 

And I expect absolutely nothing less.

A little more about me

An anarchist in every sense of the world, I am not here to follow. I am not here to lead. I am not here to conform to or prescribe systems. I am here to dismantle hierarchy and dissolve the internalized oppression that infects the people of this planet at this time. My deepest mission is Radical and Wild Self-Empowerment.

I am, then, the Rebel Mentor for the New Paradigm.

My work is not fancy. No special equipment needed. I work in the here-and-now, in the universally available. I work (and play) in the boundless Divinity of sexuality and eating. The sacred alchemies that remind us that our inner world can be shared and that our outer environment can be taken in.

Beneath the surface of our conditioning is the pulsating life force that reminds us that duality and union, life and death, are two sides of the same coin, yielding to one another in an infinite dance.

When we commit to stripping back the layers, to surrendering to Alignment, and to unraveling all that we are not, we can only ever uncover that which we are. And in this space, in the ness-ness of our desires, we find the Miracle Place.

O, and I bet you’ll never believe it, but I’m actually from Ohio. Though I’ve had the privilege and fortune to live and travel around the world, my dog and I are currently calling Guadalajara, Mexico home. 


If you want to live a life on fire, you cannot be afraid to burn.