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The Universe is Alive

And it is doing its best to communicate with us and guide us in every moment. Sometimes it can be difficult to hear or decipher the intelligence that we receive, and in those moments, it can be beneficial to invite the information to present itself in a new way.

Neither Tarot nor the Akasha can or should be classified as something as blunt as “fortune telling.” These universal technologies are far more refined than your toy store Magic 8-Ball, and should therefore be approached with an open mind and appropriate expectations.

Different Paths


Originally a 1400s card game hailing from Western Europe, these 78 cards and their intricate symbols have weaved their way into the Collective Consciousness.

Tarot is, at its core, a meditative practice to let go of limiting beliefs and to feel supported and guided by the Universe. It is a co-creative endeavor between the cards and Divine Intuition.

The Tarot definitely isn’t fortune telling. Like checking the weather, sometimes the forecast predicts rain on Thursday. Lo and behold, Thursday comes around, and it’s blue skies. The winds can change. And the more aware we are of the energies present in our field, the more able we are to change them to our advantage or to make the most of life’s challenges.

It is designed to allow you to access, understand, and release the causes of your inner conflict or suffering. And it can be a way for someone who is more analytical, more cerebral, to drop into the spaciousness of possibility and the abundant heart.


Coming from the Sanskrit word for “ether,” another translation of Akasha would be, “the fabric of the void.”

And if the Universe is, indeed, alive, then surely it has a memory. This memory is stored in a non-physical space known as the Akashic Records.

Each of us is being guided by a family of both human spirits and lightbodies known as our Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. These Divine entities have wisdom and compassion to help you harmonize and align with your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

Just being in the presence of your Akashic Records is profoundly medicinal, and the intelligence that is channeled during a reading is, without exception, empowering, loving, and healing. Just by allowing yourself to be seen as you are, in your highest iteration, you are energetically restored and uplifted.

The goal of the Akasha is to empower you through self-awareness.

MY Journey with the Esoteric

Let’s start with the obvious: I’m from Ohio. So there wasn’t much to do growing up.

Like many midwestern 80s babies before me, I watched The Craft too many times, and my friend and I purchased each other’s first Tarot decks when I was just 14 (still steeped in the superstition that it is unlucky to purchase your own cards).

The Tarot was something I picked up easily, thanks to my actor brain (I have a great memory). I learned the cards and their symbols quickly, was able to discern a pattern or two here or there, and that was it really. I rarely offered readings or even mentioned that I knew how. And as I got older and tried to pass myself off as “one of the rational people,” I became even less willing to lead with, “Hi, I read Tarot.”

But if there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s this. I fxxxing LOVE science. And I mean that in its purest essence. I have a deep reverence for the Scientific Method. And, if you can remember back that far to when you learned it in school, you know it’s about making a hypothesis, testing it, repeating the test, and honoring the results.

It turns out, the Tarot works.

I can’t pretend to know “how.” But hey, I also have no idea how my car works, and I can still drive, so apparently the “how” is not that big of a deal. Eventually, I had to trust that this would be true consistently enough to begin offering readings professionally. (Only 17 years after picking up that first deck!)

And so my Tarot offerings were born.

And if there’s another thing you need to know about me, it’s that I also fxxxing love podcasts.

While feeding my insatiable lust for all things podcast, I came across a woman sharing something called The Akashic Records.

I was hooked. But when I checked her website (and all respect to her for knowing her worth), it was clear that my financial situation was not secure enough to afford working with her. But I remembered that she mentioned a book about the Akasha, so I looked it up on Kindle.

Lucky for me, this Kindle download was just $9.99, and I got into it right away. I devoured it. Cover to cover in under 24 hours. I couldn’t believe that there was just this…whole library. Of information regarding my soul’s purpose. ANY soul’s purpose, actually!

And a few days later, I offered my first donation-based group reading. It was clear that, whether or not I understood what I was doing, there was a loving and compassionate presence that wanted to work through me. It was also clear that the things that were coming through me were healing and helping people.

So here we are.

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