food & sex Alchemy

Let's talk about Sex (& Food), baby.

There’s that thing, right? Whether it’s the way you always seem to end up in the same kind of relationship (or should I say situationship), or the foods that you feel anxious around, the digestive distress that never seems to go away, or that elusive G-spot orgasm that you never quite reach. Somewhere in you, you know something’s off. That there has to be something more than this.

Early in each of our lives, we learn and repeat maladaptive behaviors in order to secure love, care, and belonging. It’s brilliant, really, the way our young minds can adapt for our survival. But eventually, it’s time to learn to let these habits go so that we may embrace that which we truly are.

So although we have healthier options available to us, until we really take the time to learn how to evolve and heal, the same dysfunctional patterns still persist. Patterns like bartering, withholding, punishment, perfectionism, recklessness, and control. Patterns that keep us stagnant and living with anxiety and self-diminishing beliefs. Patterns that, at their core, are rooted in scarcity and a paradigm of worthlessness. And if this vibes with you…I mean, that’s a sign.

If we can free ourselves from this web of beliefs that we’ve absorbed over the years and surrender into alignment, into receptivity, and bravely anchor that which we want, we can heal from past traumas, be liberated from limiting and destructive thought forms, and find ourselves truly at home with our bodies, our lovers, and our food.

This potent work catalyzes healing for your relationship to food, sex, & your body.

This intensive is a completely personalized, 1:1 container for you to fall in love with your body, explore the depths of your sexuality, and establish a nourishing and healthy relationship with food.

Food & Sex are the two sacred alchemies wherein the world outside of us merges with the world within us. No two practices offer more potential for healing, transformation, and ecstasy. But because of cultural conditioning and the diminishing and rejection of the certain aspects of humanness, both have become shrouded in a kind of shame and mystery. As a result, our relationships to them tend to be wrought with anxiety, insecurities, and feelings of unworthiness. And that sucks! 

Because both of these things can heal you and change your life. And it is a large part of my life’s mission to give you the tools, heartset work, and wisdom to access that.

Fuck diets. Remember you're a Deity.

who's this for

Folx Who:

  • Desire a wild, healthy, and shame-free relationship with food & sex.
  • Are tired of feeling frustration, numbness, or lack of desire.
  • Would like to overcome feeling lost, disconnected, or overwhelmed.
  • Have an inner “knowing” that there is something more to their relationship with their bodies.
  • Want to feel fucking satisfied.
  • Are willing and ready to invest in daily practices to heal their relationship to their body.
  • Want to deepen their relationships in all areas of life.
  • Are interested in accessing more intuition, creativity, and passion.
  • Are ready to deconstruct harmful patterns and limiting beliefs.
  • Want to leverage their desires to generate more art, income, or activism.
  • Are ready to free themselves from trauma, guilt, and self-hatred.
  • Are (aspiring) pleasure activists.
  • Realize that their innate divinity is a gift and a healing balm for the world.
  • Are ready to take action to shift into their next level. NOW.

What's included:

  • Over a decade’s worth of practices and tools to help you connect with your desires.
  • An in-depth inventory process for you to understand each aspect of your bodymind.
  • Intense 1:1 calls to help you calibrate to a healthy and shame-free relationship with yourself.
  • Fully customized journaling and assignments.
  • Nutrition and supplement suggestions based on your culinary expertise (or lack thereof), budget, and schedule.
  • Customized communication and relationship tools based on your current relationship status.
  • Unlimited text support. Literally.
  • This course is fully inclusive for all folx regardless of diet (plant-based, paleo, keto, etc.), those with restrictions related to their faith, those with food allergies, those recovering from disordered eating, those of any weight or dietary preference interested in healing the relationship with food through the gifts of the feminine.
  • This course is fully inclusive for all identities and expressions, including those who are bi, queer, gay, straight, pan, non-binary, fluid, polyamorous, ethically non-monogamous, questioning, monogamous, married, divorced, single, those who are demisexual, vanilla, kinky, sex workers, those who are celibate, and anyone else interested in experiencing the depths of their divinity through the lens of the bodymind.

This is a Legit Commitment to your healing journey.
It is not for everyone.

My work is unapologetically not for you if you are resistant to growth or unwilling to take radical responsibility for your life. This is not for you if you are unwilling to try new things or are unwilling to relinquish control. This is a genuine commitment of your time, energy, and resources. This is a transformative and sacred container that will encourage you to shift past all of life’s limiting bullshit and cultural conditioning to deliver you from diet to deity, from shrinking to bursting, from stuck to showing up as the absolute fullest expression of the deity that you are, and from mundane to miraculous. 

This work of undoing decades from within your own life, as well as generations of epigenetic and ancestral conditioning, is not something that can be approached lightly or completed in one day. It is deep, rich, expansive, and profound.

This is a mid 4-figure investment.

And if you are not ready for that, this is not for you.

But if it is for you?