Working with Rae 1:1 over the past 3 months has propelled me into an experience of massive transformation and living in my WHOLENESS.

She's EVERYTHING I wanted in a coach: open and connected, compassionate, relate-able, intelligent, and supportive in the way that a best friend should hold space. From the moment we met, I could tell that she really saw me, truly understood the inner workings of my mind and was able to dissect my words to create tangible, thought-provoking feedback.

She could mirror blindspots to me that were rooted deeply in my programming and way of operating. Rae helped me maneuver through childhood wounding and patterns related to massive themes like commitment, productivity, and worthiness.

She approached things through the lens of radical acceptance and helped me greatly in understanding different facets of my being, yet didn't allow me to get too stuck on the how or why and rather encouraged me to move forward in the direction of, "now what?"

The integration of all that I learned with Rae will continue long after our sessions have ended, her journaling questions still ring in my ears, sparking new insights continuously. Our time together has catapulted me in the direction of heart-centered acceptance for my wholeness and inner radiance, and has given my life a new-found spaciousness I didn't know I needed. I whole-heartedly recommend anyone who has the chance to work with Rae 1:1 to jump on it. This is not an opportunity to miss.
Sophia H.
Yoga Teacher & Channel
I came here for the food and sex, but I've honestly not even focused on that. I've just been understanding myself so much better, and I feel like I h ave the tools now to do the work I needed to do before, but didn't know how to do.
Lauren S.
I've already applied some of what's been discussed in my own life with empowering results. Thanks to Rae for her guidance, support, and wisdom.
Christina P.
We've had a revolutionary time together, and I've learned so so so much from her about my relationship to food AND sex. And how those things go together.

Although that was the firs thing Rae and I talked about, and I got on a food plan, the actual work I've done with her has been far more profound. I don't have panic about my digestion -- what I needed to do was to deconstruct the shame and stigma.

And it's made my sex life AMAZING.
Haley J.
Writer & Photographer
This work is life changing. In so many ways I never even predicted. Like just by sharing it with others, I've been able to open these deep, intimate conversations. It's amazing, and I'm loving it!
Shannon D.
Yoga teacher
Honest to goodness, it's only been one session, and it's already the best money I've ever spent.
Chloe F.
Full Spectrum Doula & Midwife


Rae is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. Her cues are creative and logical, and her approach to yoga is very irreverent and fresh. She ALWAYS has a logical/scientific explanation for the way she teaches poses, instead of relying on tradition or “because that’s how I was taught.” She also gives excellent personalized advice and adjustments to deepen your home practice. I came to Rae wanting to learn handstand safely. Because of her, I now understand the whole body muscular integration required for the shape. (And because of her, I can do handstands!) Working with Rae has made ALL yoga classes more beneficial for me because she helped me understand the underlying “WHY” for the way things are done in classes.
Nadine E.
Hoop artist
Rae’s handstand club was just what I needed after a long week of travel. Her sequencing is on point and super educational. I learned so much about mobility throughout my body that I didn’t know I had until today. Her teaching comes from a genuine place and I felt a little more enlightened or kinder to the world around me after taking her class.
Brytta B.
Traveling Yoga Teacher
Rae is one of the most inspiring yoga teachers I have ever encountered. She guides the practice with sincerity, love, and joy. Throughout the practice, she is insightful and funny. I learned so much more about the practice of yoga through her teachings and I truly enjoyed every minute I spent with her (both on the mat and off -- she's one of the greatest human beings you'll ever meet!!) <3
Ronit S.
Yogini & Mentor
What can I say? Rae is the yoga teacher other yoga teachers want to learn from.
Bec C.
Yoga Teacher & Marketing Guru
Beautiful, inspiring and motivating way to teach yoga. Maybe even better word would be - to share yoga 🙂 Great experience, highly recommended. Positive vibes guaranteed!
Anna M.
The Yoga Teacher Mentorship is one of the most transformative things I have done. Rae totally changed my perspective about how to create sequences that are safe, progressive, and intentional. Rae is a passionate and extremely knowledgeable teacher! The way she teaches anatomy makes so much sense and my body feels safer and more supported when I practice with her cues. In the time that I’ve known Rae, she has become a mentor and a friend. I had so much fun during this mentorship program and it truly expanded my knowledge and helped me to gain confidence in my teaching. Thank you so much, Rae, I am truly grateful!
Haylie C.
Yoga Teacher
Home Yoga is small and intimate and classes always feel like you are practicing in your own space with people that will become your community. Rae always strives to provide personal and detailed instruction and is mindful of your tight spots and weak positions.
Shannon B.
Yogini, writer, & Teacher


I think this has been the best reading I have ever had! I felt so at ease, and gained alot of clarity that will be of immense use to me at this point in my life. I could not recommend highly enough! You are amazing, and funny too. 🙂 xx
Alice B.
Yogini & Artist
Rae Dohar has given me one of the most accurate, compassionate, and fully understood readings i've had in my life. Her care and enthusiasm made me feel appreciated and open well before we had the session. I didn't know what to expect once we had the reading, however, and the Akashic Reading blew my mind. I gave her some context and stories of my life previously, however all information that she presented in our reading was so fresh and clear and related to so many things that were deeper and more subtle in my life. That was by far the most impressive part of the reading was the level of subtlety her information penetrated info my life. I believe that through our reading, Rae completely shifted the way I see the world in a way that is highly aligned with my soul, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I would highly recommend her to any and all, and I sincerely hope she continues to expand and support people in their own expansion and empowerment on this planet. Jai Ma!!!
Gabriel K.
Vedic Astrologer
I did my first Tarot reading with Rae, and to say I was pleasantly surprised and super satisfied would be an understatement. Rae explained to me what to expect and then genuinely guided me through the interpretations. I was flabbergasted at how many things she saw and unraveled as they perfectly matched my current situation. She's just such a passionate person, and it shows up when she talks to you, picks the cards, and reads into them. I've learned so much about myself! I felt at ease from the first moment. I highly recommend Rae; I will for sure do a reading again my June so I can get an update and chat with her about what has happened since our last "meet-up".
Alex N.
Yoga Teacher
I met Rae through an Akashic Reading, and it was truly an experience! It opened up so many new places inside of me. I didn't come into the meeting extremely curious to be honest, but her energy, her way of being, the way she explained everything and the reading itself were so beautiful, so to the heart. Deep, deep into the heart. I wholeheartedly recommend Rae! Thank you for your time and your gifts.
Maria F.
Jewelry Designer
Y'all! Rae is a magical source of knowledge and experience. If you are at all interested in any of the services she offers, seriously do not hesitate. She gave me a thoroughly enjoyable and utterly invaluable Tarot reading. Not only did she offer me some much needed perspective on the trajectory of my life, but she did it in a way that was refreshingly conversational, sometimes very comical, and genuinely authentic. I did not ask her anything or give any specific context for my reading, yet Rae casually addressed one my biggest internal struggles. She gave me an opportunity to shift my thoughts and quell my doubts and fears. I'm better off. I'm happier. I've been able to take her insights and directly apply them to my daily life. Rae is real. Her presence is powerful and engaging. Her words are wise and relatable. She's beautiful and funny and probably everything you need if you're reading this.
Dave P.
Musician & Yogi
Rae, thank you so much for the amazing and spontaneous reading. A true healer lives in the moment, and you were right there when I reached out, offering to help in my request. That is a rare thing. I was literally led to her today through a series of events, to reconnect with the Akasha. She was open in sharing your story and completely generous in beaming through the light that she carries. I really felt: "This is what it feels like to work with a lightworker." No agenda, no holding back, no gimmicks. Just pure light, love and wisdom. Thank you so much Rae, you truly made my day. Bless you, sister.
Julia B.
Yogini & Healer
Rae did an Akashic Reading for me, and it was totally amazing! She brings through powerful wisdom and practical advice that is incredibly on point and supportive. Rae delivers the messages in a very gentle and often humorous way. From this reading I was able to take away some practical things to try and apply in my life as well as a huge amount of reassurance. Her reading was a gift. I would thoroughly recommend her.
Paula M.
Life Coach
My Akashic session with rae was so validating and renewing. It was my first time ever getting the service and I felt that she was a clear channel for me. I would definitely recommend a session. I'm glad I got to experience the magic that is Rae Dohar!
Desiree G.
Healer & Influencer