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Yoga is Movement Medicine.

And just as you would not expect to go to the doctor with ten strangers, one cannot expect to gain the most out of this practice in a group setting. In order to truly receive the practice as it is intended, with deep listening and a complete respect for the Bodymind, one should consider working privately with a teacher. This can be a helpful step toward your movement goals, to cultivating a personalized self-practice, and to truly learning the intricacies of the body. These subtler truths and experiences often cannot be addressed in a studio class.

Private sessions are ideal for:

  • Total beginners who feel overwhelmed in a studio class
  • Advanced practitioners or yoga teachers who have specific goals not typically addressed in group settings
  • Those who are injured or differently abled who require a tailored practice
  • Those who are pregnant or recently post-natal who need someone knowledgable about moving safely during this special time
  • Athletes of other disciplines looking to diversify their movement experiences, gain mobility, or cross-train
  • Busy individuals who cannot abide by a set studio schedule
  • Families, teams, or friends who would like to practice together and share the cost (up to four people)

single session

expires six months from booking
$ 55 per session
  • deep dive into the heart of your practice.

Five sessions

expires six months from booking
$ 250 per five sessions
  • build a more integrated relationship with the bodymind.