GODDEX SCHOOL: Yoni Egg Accelerator




stemming back thousands of years, the daoists believed that the yoni (womb space) was a physical portal to the world of spirit, creativity, and divinity.

and you don’t have to take my (or their) word for it. you can learn for yourself.

a yoni egg is a semi-precious stone that is inserted into the vagina and used with meditative and physical practices to strengthen and sensitize the yoni.

the cultivation of this pure sexual energy can be harvested to catalyze growth and transformation in all areas of life.



it’s for you if you’re looking for deep and fast transformation NOW, and you don’t require it to be “slow and gentle.”

it’s for you if you want to be fxxxed by universal consciousness and catapulted into your highest and most connected self.

you know there’s more to your sexuality than you’ve experienced.

you’re ready to cultivate and harvest your sexual energy for your catalyze growth in all areas of your life, career, and relationships.

if you think this is for you. period. (and you have a vagina.)



a yoni egg of your choice, and a yoni egg charger, based on your unique goals. (valued at $100)

3 private sessions with me within one month (valued at $1500)

weekly exercises and recordings for one month (valued at $300)

unlimited text support (you can’t put a price on support, baby)

so many bonus modules including how to use the yoni egg for manifestation, how to use a yoni egg within a relationship, and how to use sexual energy to call in a new partner or to heal your current partnership (valued at $300)

so $2200+ of content and value for $1111!


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