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Every day, in every moment, your body is communicating with you. Its desires, its needs, its harmonies and imbalances. But in our attempts to keep up with the demands of our lives and the world around us, so many of us have forgotten how to listen.

Goddex Untamed is a truly unique, one-of-a-kind course that gives you all of the tools you will. Ever. Need. To learn and discern your body’s rhythms and seasons.

Not your average Fertility Awareness course, Goddex Untamed provides a comprehensive understanding of Cycle Charting, but it also offers so much more. We in the Goddex Gang plunge deeper than ever before into the nuance and complexities of each of our bodies in all of their whims, their brilliance, and their intricacies.

With the information offered in this course, you will be liberated from harmful and limiting cultural conditioning surrounding your cycle. You will have full control over your fertility and everything you need to effectively plan or prevent pregnancy (without pharmaceuticals). You will be empowered to advocate for your own needs as an expert of your body’s seasons.

In addition to this life-changing knowledge, you’ll also be given the steps to create (or re-create) a relationship to your cycle and your body that is wild, free, and untamed.

Goddex Untamed strives to be a fully inclusive course that remains accessible and relevant to menstruators of all ages, genders, and sexual identities or expressions. 



This 6-week course is for all menstruators who would like to have a comprehensive understanding of the Fertility Awareness Method, as well as tools to heal and strengthen their relationship to their unique bodies and cycles in a supportive community.

Our menstrual cycles offer such incredible intelligence to each of us, should we have the capacity to listen and to decode its messages.

And with this information, you have lifetime access to all of the tools you’ll ever need to hear what your body is trying to tell you and to meet its needs with increased compassion, love, and even joy. (Yes. Your period can even bring you joy. I promise.)


You may cancel for up to a week into the course. At which time, the first payment will NOT be refunded (1/3 of the cost), but you will not be charged for the remainder of the course.

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