The ancient technology of massage works very simply. By temporarily restricting the blood flow (by applying pressure or massaging) and then releasing the restriction, the increase of blood flow and sensitivity invites the body’s own intelligence to heal itself.

Yep. Massage, acupuncture, all of the seemingly “passive” healing modalities work this way. Though it seems as if you are just an observer and someone else is “healing you,” you are in fact, healing yourself with the assistance and energy of another.

I am blessed with a hyper-acute nervous system that extends beyond the parameters of my own physical body. In this way, when I touch you, I am able to “download” your body’s experience into my own body. So I am able to work intimately with your body’s patterns of pain and tension, and together we facilitate release, relaxation, and re-patterning. (Yes, even though you are just lying down, we are doing it together.)

In addition to my given talents, I also studied one-on-one under Vietnam’s most sought after and highly respected massage therapist. Thanks to her, I have also mastered techniques that allow me to work safely and effectively.

There is a strict 12-hour cancellation policy; however, sessions can be gifted or passed on in the event you cannot attend.


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