Tarot Reading




Originally a 1400s card game hailing from Western Europe, these 78-cards and their intricate symbols have weaved their way into the Collective Consciousness.

Tarot is, at its core, a spiritual practice to let go of limiting beliefs and to feel supported and guided by the Universe.

It is a co-creative endeavor between the cards and Divine Intuition.

The Tarot an excellent way to identify some of the diverse and subtle factors at play in your field at any given time. It allows you to process and meditate on these different facets so that you may make informed decisions that are also supported by your energetic surroundings.

It is a practice designed to allow you to access, understand, and release the causes of your inner conflict or suffering. And it can be a way for someone who is more analytical, more cerebral, to drop into the spaciousness of possibility and the abundant heart.

Sessions run about one hour and are available in-person or through Zoom.

There is a strict 12-hour cancellation policy.


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