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Hustle & Flow

Cut the bullshit. Uplevel your life and your business without sacrificing an ounce of integrity.


Hustle & Flow is a no bullshit mentorship for conscious entrepreneurs.

This 3-month program is a completely personalized, 1:1 mentorship for you to start or scale your business in full alignment with your integrity.

It is a sacred container for your business (and for your whole fucking life). This is a wake-up-call, get-your-shit-together, stop-saying-mañana-mañana, show up to your work and to your life as the fullest expression of your damn self leadership training.

because we both know the world needs your brand of wild.

look, i get it.

You came into entrepreneurship because you understand that your work is an expression of yourself. That there’s no “work-life balance” if you’re not doing something you love. You want to be of genuine service to the world, but it’s overwhelming to do everything on your own.

Yes, you want the money. You want the audience. You want the opportunities. But not if any of it comes at the cost of your authenticity or integrity. You want to show up as yourself and be successful. On your own terms. But everyone you follow says something different. Or they just try to sell you a copy-and-paste kind of plan that doesn’t resonate. At all.

First of all, if this gives you the full-body-tingles, that’s a sign. Second, not only am I sure that the world needs what you offer, I am also sure that the best — the only — way you can actually be of service is by being fully yourself. Even more of yourself than you are now. Even more of yourself than you’ve ever imagined you could possible “be allowed” to be.

And that’s my jam-sauce. Helping entrepreneurs like you build or scale businesses that are genuine extensions of your heart, your vision, and your mission. 

Because I believe that showing up in the totality of your being is medicine for the world. And because I believe entrepreneurship is both a spiritual practice and an act of resistance.

what's in it

  • Clarity on your offerings, on distilling and leveraging your superpowers, and on authentic ways to show up and share.
  • A focused plan for the short and long term.
  • Customized mind and heartset work to access your limitless potential, uncover and dissolve any limiting or disempowering belief systems, and tools to come back into alignment.
  • Freedom from bullshit ideas about things you are, are not, or should be.
  •  More money. Without sacrificing even a bit of your integrity.
  • Someone (It me!) 100% of service to you holding you accountable to your highest self and your world-altering vision. 
  • Weekly calls to encourage you and support you through everything that arises.
  • Personalized journaling based on the specific goals you’ve set.
  • A full assessment of your current business model, social media presence, and offerings.
  • Unlimited text support. Really. I’m incredibly hands-on and involved with every client. This isn’t a “See you next week” kind of thing.
  • Access to my superpower. Which is my ability to see what you have to offer and an intuitive understanding of how to access this potential to revolutionize your field and uplevel your life.
You’re not “just a mentee.” You are a human revolution.

hustle & flow is real work.

This is unapologetically not for you if you are resistant to growth or unwilling to take radical responsibility for your life. This is not for you if you believe that your work is somehow separate from the rest of you or if you are not open to seeing things differently. This is not for you if you just want someone to tell you what to do. (I am neither a dominatrix nor an expensive nanny. Though I would take you as a client if you were either of those things.) This is a genuine commitment of your time, energy, and resources. This is a transformative and sacred container that will encourage you to shift past that which is holding you back and allow you to step more fully into that which you are, so that you may share your gifts with integrity.

This is a mid 4-figure investment.

if that’s not for you, cool.

But if it is for you?