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About The Movement Practice

You deserve a practice that challenges and nourishes. A practice that introduces you to yourself. And you deserve a practice that, rather than rigidly following externally dictated rules, meets you where you are and carries you to where you would like to be.

I am here to facilitate a truly Intimate Relationship with your Bodymind. Accelerate your growth, heal your body, and find a balance between grace and strength.

MY journey

If travel has been my wings, then yoga has always been my roots. It is the practice that healed my body, softened my heart, and gave me back to myself. This practice has been my most intimate partner for over a decade, and together we have traveled the world, working and sharing in tandem.

There is nothing more sacred, nothing more rewarding, than having the tools to uncover and bathe in your own essence. This practice contains a magic that can be used to refine any area of your life. By cultivating awareness, sensitivity, patience, and compassion, it acts as an accelerator for growth and healing.

This practice has been my access point for all of the other Healing Work that I do. It has been the catalyst for my other gifts, and without it, I would not be (or know) myself.

To have found this practice, and not just any “studio class” or outdated lineage, but to have unearthed, explored, and embodied this practice to the point of full connection and ownership, it is such a miraculous gift. Such a blessing. 

It is all I can do to share this medicine with anyone interested in learning more about it.


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